Talis- Fishnet Crossbody purse

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Width: 1 in
Length: 10 in
Height: 10 in


Talis offers a line of purses that are vibrantly coloured, on trend and extremely durable.  But they’re also lightweight, sustainably produced, and they bring positive change for the disadvantaged of Cambodia.  Many of the producers are physically disabled or deaf, and are now given quality training and a fair wage.  This provides a livelihood that will change the course of the lives of the artisans, their families and their community for generations to come.  Our ethically sourced totes are made from netting originally intended for use in the fishing, agricultural and construction industries.  We do all we can to support eco-friendly and "zero waste" processes by reclaiming and re-purposing remnants and reject materials from commercial industries.

Made in Cambodia

Fair Trade

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