Liquid Metal- Bracelet B10Z- N

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This SG Liquid Metal Classic Mesh bracelet has 12 black zircons. It has a sensuous and unique silky mesh that is both contemporary and timeless.


$1·       Length: 7.5”

$1·       Width: 1.75”

$1·       12 Black Zircon


The Liquid Metal Large Diamonds Mesh Cuff Bracelet, style B10Z Antique Silver Finish by Sergio Gutierrez is designed with a fashionable and chic look. This bracelet is one of the more popular ones; it can be worn with a variety of styles from upscale evening attire to casual clothes. Sergio Gutierrez B10Z AS is made of Sterling Silver plated nickel; these materials make for a nice and sturdy yet light piece of quality jewelry. Each cuff bracelet is handcrafted to perfection. You will receive many compliments wearing this uniquely designed mesh bracelet; the style and irresistible comfort of these Liquid Metal cuff bracelets make a favorite piece to any exclusive jewelry collection.

Easy snap closure with SG Signature.

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