Our Favourite Winter Fabrics for Staying Stylish and Warm

Our Favourite Winter Fabrics for Staying Stylish and Warm

In our opinion, there’s no such thing as a day that’s too cold, just an outfit that’s not up for the job! If you bundle up in the right combination of warm, stylish fabrics, you can look great and enjoy the beautiful weather all year long. Here are some of our favourite fabrics for staying stylish and warm this winter.



There’s no way to talk about warm fabric without bringing up wool; it’s a classic for a reason! Warm, beautiful, and durable, wool is a staple in any winter wardrobe. Sometimes the classics really are the best! Fine wools tend to be less itchy than coarser ones, and the higher the wool percentage, the warmer the garment.



Believe it or not, silk is actually a wonderful layering piece! Worn against the skin, it insulates you against cold and absorbs moisture from your skin, making it a surprisingly effective fabric for keeping you warm. Wear it as a base layer for maximum effectiveness.



For a thin fabric that adds warmth without too much bulk, flannel is your best bet. Plus, is anything softer on the skin than flannel? And nothing says winter weather like a wonderful fleece button down. Be sure you’re getting real flannel, and not just a flannel style print.



Soft, lightweight, and warm, both synthetic polar fleece and organic cotton fleeces are wonderful winter fabrics that add a beautiful texture to any outfit. We love fleece vests, mittens, scarves, and linings on coats.


High-Performance Synthetics

For really cold days, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Softshell materials that insulate against wind and could draw on the power of the most up to date tech to keep you toasty warm without too much bulk. We use Dintex fabric in our Cleo coat for its water and windproof properties!


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