Why Wear White?

Why Wear White?

Why white?

► For a design, it's the perfect blank canvas waiting to be written on.

► It's the color of harmony, purity, light and confidence!

► It is a stunning background to show off a tan, or a flash of a bright lippy.

► It lights up your face in a most subtle and flattering way.

► Every woman who wears pearly earrings or a strand of pearls instantly moves to a higher standard of beauty and level of sophistication.

► The shiny white of the pearls brings out the whites of your eyes, and makes your own pearly whites sparkle brighter.


White is often transparent...

So let's talk undergarments!

Did you know we, at Lousje and Bean, wear red bras and panties under all of our whites? I know you may not believe us, but please, give it a try. In fact, it's even better than nude!


White Laundry

Of course we do spill, get stains and dirty our whites, just in general. We live full lives, work, enjoy our red wine and pasta dishes, and have children and grandchildren. Absolutely no excuse not to wear white! You can protect these beautiful items.

► Carry a stain pen with you at all times for the immediate treatment.

► We are big fans of the OXI powder! We use this for all of our whites, in a heavy duty soak overnight.


So there you are! Start wearing your gorgeous white clothing, as it is surprisingly practical and versatile; no need to be intimidated! Come see us and we'll help you find the perfect pieces!


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