Travel Light - 7 Outfits in One Carry-On Suitcase!

Travel Light - 7 Outfits in One Carry-On Suitcase!

Winter is in full swing and although we have had it fairly easy so far, January and February seem to be the prime months for dreaming about traveling to sunny destinations. With airlines charging for every piece of luggage you check now, it is a necessity to learn how to pack like a pro. We decided to take this challenge on to see if we could fit a week's worth of outfits in one small carry-on suitcase, without any repeats. Naturally we gravitate to Lousje & Bean pieces in our luggage, but for a few great reasons! With a neutral colour palette and classic styling you are able to bring a few pieces and turn them into several unique looks. The construction and materials used in our pieces are selected consciously to be light weight, wrinkle free, wash and wear. Fold or roll your pieces up tightly in a suitcase and when you arrive to your destination you can shake them out and wear them immediately.

We packed these ten pieces with room to spare in our carry-on suitcase:

  1. Lousje & Bean Black and White Striped Rosie Sweater
  2. High Rise Black Yoga Jeans
  3. Lousje & Bean Black Pencil Skirt
  4. C'est Moi Seamless Spaghetti Strap Camisole
  5. Lousje & Bean Long Bamboo Tank
  6. Ruby Necklace (Specific design found in boutique)
  7. Lousje & Bean Scarf (Specific design found in boutique)
  8. Lousje & Bean Pink Check Blouse (Sold Out!)
  9. Beach Bag (Found in boutique)
  10. Sunglasses

From just ten pieces, we created these seven great travel looks that will keep you looking stylish for a whole week of vacation and will save you time and money by not checking a bag!

7 Travel looks

Look 1: Airport Chic

Travel day can be unpredictable. We are often leaving cold weather outside to sit in a hot airport, are then assaulted by cool air on the flight, only to be met with the heat of your destination upon exiting the plane. Layers are a must to combat these changing temperatures and climates so we begin this look with High Rise Black Yoga Jeans. With just enough stretch to be comfortable and flattering, these are the perfect base. We add a Lousje & Bean Long Bamboo Tank and top it with our Black and White Striped Rosie Sweater for added warmth when needed. Our Ruby Necklace is added for chic styling as well as one of our unique Lousje & Bean scarves from the boutique. Scarves are a must-have accessory when traveling as they can be used as a light blanket in the airport, a shield from the sun and wind when outside and are a great little cover up for kids as well. And, spoiler alert, you can even wear one as a dress or a beach cover up.

Look 2: Boardwalk Stroll

Once you have landed and settled in at your destination, it is a great time to get the lay of the land and take in the scenery on a little stroll along the boardwalk. This involves just a quick change by taking off your heavier layers and replacing them with a C'est Moi Seamless Spaghetti Strap Camisole under a Lousje & Bean Pink Check Blouse. We will keep the scarf on in case it gets windy and will add a chic pair of sunglasses to shield the sunny brightness.

Look 3: Dinner

It is nice to have a dressier look for dinner and this one starts with a classic Lousje & Bean Black Pencil Skirt topped with a Long Bamboo Tank in black. You can use your scarf as a shawl (see our tutorial on tying it here) for coverage on your arms and add your Ruby Necklace to finish it off. Bon Appetit!

Look 4: Cocktails & Theatre

For a great look at the Theatre or evening cocktails, we have you covered. Our Lousje & Bean Black Pencil Skirt paired with a C'est Moi Seamless Spaghetti Strap Camisole and Pink Check Blouse will have you looking cultured and sophisticated. Accessorize with the Ruby Necklace and Sunglasses to up the style factor or to go incognito at night!

Look 5: The Beach

The simplest look of all, drape your scarf as a swimsuit cover up and grab your sunglasses for a day of sun and surf!

Look 6: Dinner

Another night out on the town, this dinner look pairs our Lousje & Bean Black Pencil Skirt with a C'est Moi Seamless Spaghetti Strap Camisole to give the illusion you are wearing a solid black dress. This silhouette is figure flattering and can be worn alone, or with an added Lousje & Bean Black and White Striped Rosie Sweater to fend off evening breezes or mosquitos. Accessorize with a Ruby Necklace and you will feel comfortable in a formal or beach casual setting.

Look 7: Shopping at the Market

No one likes looking like a tourist, so shop in style with that dress-like combination again (Lousje & Bean Black Pencil Skirt with a C'est Moi Seamless Spaghetti Strap Camisole) topped with a loosely tied scarf and an awesome beach bag slung over your shoulder to stash your wares. Sunglasses will be key for outdoor markets and sunny strolls through the streets so be sure to pop those in your bag as well!

#8: Travel Chic

This last suggestion is not a look to wear but is a great accessory for your suitcase! Stylish and functional, this great Luggage Tag hosts your information in the event your bag gets lost and gives your black suitcase a pop of colour, preventing strangers from mistaking as for their own.

Challenge complete! It is possible to stash a lot of style in a small space and we are happy to help make it happen for you! Are you taking a trip this winter? Tell us your pro packing tips and how you maximize your wardrobe and the space in your suitcase for travel that is stylish and sensible!


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