The Benefits of Wearing Cotton

The Benefits of Wearing Cotton

Our Case for Cotton!

The most worn natural fiber in the world is cotton, and for good reason! As a fabric, it’s versatile, breathable, and comes in an endless variety of colours and textures. Whether it’s corduroy, denim, flannel, poplin, twill, or any of the other fabrics cotton is used for, we love using it in our clothes here at the boutique. Here are just a few of the reasons why.


→ Cotton keeps you dryTibet Cotton Dress

Because cotton is so breathable, it wicks moisture away from the body and keeps sweat and humidity off your skin. Cotton can absorb about a fifth of its weight in water before it feels damp to the touch, which is remarkable considering it’s a natural substance. This has a ton of uses, from athletic wear to pajamas, and especially for hot summer days when you’re likely to break a sweat.


 Lightweight material is comfortable

Cotton is a lightweight material that feels light and airy when you wear it. As opposed to thicker, heavier wool (which we also love, but for different reasons) or a synthetic material, cotton isn’t heavy and doesn’t need to be thick to be sturdy and opaque. As a result, cotton garments are pleasant to wear and breathe beautifully. Plus, since it’s a soft material that stretches easily, it’s great for undergarments that sit right on the skin, because it won’t trap moisture or get clammy. 


→ DurableTibet Cotton Tunic

Cotton has a high measure of tensile strength, which means it is highly resistant to breaking apart under tension. This means that cotton garments are sturdy and long-lasting, with none of the fragility of silk linen. Cotton even becomes thirty percent stronger in water, which means it can handle a lot of washing on a hot cycle without falling apart. Cotton is also easy to patch or repair without much prior experience if you do manage to rip or tear the material. For a really durable shirt, a cotton-poly blend adds a little extra strength without sacrificing breathability.


→ Easy to care for

Because cotton stretches naturally, there’s no need for elastics like spandex or lycra. These stretchy synthetics certainly have their place in other garments, but cotton is far less likely to stretch out or get baggy even without them. Additionally, cotton won’t develop unsightly pills the way a nylon or polyester material will. Any pilling easy washes out in the washer and dryer and your garment will stay smooth and look great for a long time. And of course, cotton can be easily and safely washed in a standard washing and drying machine. 


→ Hypoallergenic qualitiesTibet Short Dress

For sensitive skin, cotton can’t be beaten. Because it’s a natural fiber, it rarely causes allergic reactions or rashes and can be worn confidently by anyone of any skin type. It’s even used in medical products like gauze or bandages because of its absorbent and non-irritating properties. This makes cotton a safe and comfortable choice for babies and those with skin sensitivities. Organic cotton is even better for those with extremely sensitive skin, and it’s becoming more popular every year.


Think we made a great case for cotton? Come shop with us on James St. and see all the beautiful cotton pieces we have to offer!



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