Behind the Seams at Lousje & Bean

Lousje's Pick

Lousje's Pick Check out Lousje's new shoes she bought at The Boot Shop! A new line they are carrying from comfy!
They have been working great with all her outfits. Here she has Distressed UP Jean's (Her favorite jeans in years!) and a cool bomber jacket we have in the Boutique, great for this time of year

Lousje's Layering Look

Lousje's Layering Look You would never think Lousje is wearing 5 articles of clothing here?! Yup and it's called the art of layering!

Lousje & Bean both live for layering, it is a style technique and has a major role to play in staying comfortable, feeling good and looking even better. This is a big reason they have designed the "L&B Essentials Collection", to compliment their unique and creative pieces. Start with light fabrics and layer the heavier ones over (depending on the season). Mix textures and prints with solids, there are endless possibilities and we are excited to show you how we do it.

Here Lousje starts with
*spaghetti tank from #CestMoi
*adding over a lightweight #MeshTop & #CrunchLeggings from Lousje & Bean
*slipping on a #PencilSkirt from L&B, to break up the look and give more coverage over the bottom.
*Matching up a Linen Twist Tunic from Lousje & Bean, giving the different textures.
*Last accessorizing with a colourful scarf for that pop of colour. Voila~ a great looking (&comfy) outfit!