Summer Scarves

Summer Scarves

With the long weekend upon us we can finally say that the Spring/Summer Season is underway, despite what Mother Nature has been telling us lately! We are pulling out our pops of colour and summer accessories and are getting excited to wear less layers. When you think of summer accessories, scarves don't likely come to mind, but we are here to show you the many ways that scarves can be worn all summer long. We have a great selection of lighter weight fabrics and summer prints in store and with all the different ways to tie them you will have a different look each day of the week! (For tutorials on some of these tying techniques check out our winter scarf tutorial post here)


Here you can see the different ways to tie and wear scarves and when paired with a bright white shirt, this styling screams summer!

You can also think outside the traditional methods and uses for a scarf by tying them around your waist, around the brim of a hat and even in your hair!

2 Collage

We hope you embrace scarves this summer and try out a different way to wear one. Selecting light and bright colours tied in less formal ways can make such a difference in your summer wardrobe and soon you will notice other people catching on to your summer scarf trend and trying it out themselves!


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