Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

Have you ever had a terrible day and found that a quick trip to your favourite store to buy something you had been lusting after quickly made it all feel better? Recent research has shown that retail therapy can actually be good for your soul when done in moderation. If you look at MRI scans of shoppers, their brains are filled with dopamine in the same pleasure centers that are flooded when you're having sex. Shopping can also be an effective way to ease yourself into a major transition or new phase of life. As people shop they are visualizing how they will use these goods and in doing so also visualize their new life. Purchasing a new pair of shoes or outfit for a new job, date or special event can help boost our confidence and result in an overall better mood.


While we never really needed research to back up our need for retail therapy, it certainly comes in handy when a scornful eye reads your credit card bill. We've found that the secret to maintaining the happiness found in a new purchase is being mindful of what you buy. Choosing well and buying quality, well made pieces that fit well, are flattering and functional leaves little room for buyer's remorse as these selections are rarely impulsive and typically suit a need. Our goal is always to create timeless pieces that you can treasure for years to come and truly allow you to feel confident and satisfied that you have purchased quality goods that were made with real women in mind.
The next time you are feeling a little blue, go ahead and indulge in a little shopping session, after all, it's therapeutic! :)


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