Our Love for Coffee

Our Love for Coffee

Did you know that coffee was first discovered by sheep herders in Ethiopia in 800 A.D.? The story goes that the humble herders saw what the caffeine did for their goats and decided to make it for themselves! Now, the Global Exchange reports that coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth (after oil, of course), with approximately 25 million farmers in over 50 countries making coffee.


Even better? Research has found that people with high levels of caffeine were more likely to avoid Alzheimers, and it can even protect against skin cancer in women! Not that we need health benefits to love coffee. For us, it’s all about the togetherness.


Tessa and I appreciate a daily cup of coffee to stimulate our minds and provoke interesting conversation. This usually happens sometime between 11am and 2pm, and it’s a wonderful time to sit down and talk over the issues of the day; whether that’s personal affairs or business developments. There’s always something to share, and the delicious drink is just a bonus.


We also love some local coffee places, such as Helen’s Deli across the street for simple, no-nonsense coffee, Fine Grind for their delicious almond milk lattes, Craft Market for an inventive coffee creation like honey lavender lattes, or Mahtay Café for the relaxing atmosphere.


But if we feel like staying in, we’re big fans of our Nespresso machine! It creates an incredible cup of coffee with globally sourced beans, so you can travel the world through your taste buds. But to us, one of the most important thing about buying a pod-coffee maker is the environmentally friendly materials. Many pod coffee machines produce huge amounts of waste, so we only felt comfortable buying our Nespresso when we learned that the pods are completely recyclable and don’t end up in a landfill. Check out our little recycling center here at the boutique!


Even though coffee is delicious, we believe no drink is worth generating mounds of landfill trash. We hope your next cup of java is hot, delicious, and environmentally sourced. Click here to learn more about our favorite coffee places in town, or swing by the boutique and talk beans with us!


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