Moth Jewelry

Moth Jewelry

Today we are featuring our favourite accessories for the summer season from Moth Jewelry. Sold exclusively in the boutique, these pieces are made from waxed linen, making them waterproof and ideal for swimming at the cottage or a day at the beach. Durable and comfortable, these organic creations are inspired by the Muskoka landscape where they are all handmade. A blend of retro buttons, silver, and semi precious stones with waxed linen, this fibres soften and over time are like a second skin- the most comfortable jewelry you will ever own.

We carry a variety of Moth Jewelry but we especially love the layered necklaces with the shell clasp.
Moth's bracelets are equally beautiful and come in a large variety of colours and patterns. Pairing the buttons and semi- precious stones with the waxed linen give these bracelets a unique flair and accent the colours so beautifully.
2 Collage_Bracelets
Stop by the shop and check out our selection of Moth Jewelry. No two pieces are ever alike and the styles are always changing. These make a perfect gift and are a great accessory to bring on your next vacation.


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