Lousje's Look of the Day (End of Summer Style)

Lousje's Look of the Day (End of Summer Style)

Summer might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean summer styles are out the door. Today we want to show you one last summer look to bridge the gap in these “between-season” weeks where it’s tricky to choose an outfit. 


Lousje’s fresh, bold style blends darker autumn colors coming with punchy, colorful summer accents for a fun, fresh look that will keep you in the summer spirit just a little longer.


The bold print of Lousje’s dress holds up to some of our favorite statement jewelry and striking solid-color accent pieces. The bold, playful necklace from Sailor Girl plays on the bold patterned look of the dress’ stripes without clashing with it, and the necklace matches a darling ladybug resin ring made by ZSISKA. The ladybug ring is whimsical without being childish, but it’s still tons of fun. Exactly what you want from a late summer wardrobe.


For shoes, Lousje is wearing red Mephisto sandals that walk the line between casual elegance and serious comfort. The red color is another way to integrate the striking color scheme without overwhelming the look, and the patent leather adds a new texture to the mix.


Lousje kept the earrings, a compact pair of silver posts from Dushka, small in size to avoid competing with the strong lines of the reading glasses. We love that Dushka earrings are so comfortable that you can leave them on- even when you’re sleeping! To top it all off, Lousje has opted for Revlon’s Roulette Rush nail polish and some red lipstick from MAC to match.


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