In the Neighbourhood - Gwen's Teas

In the Neighbourhood - Gwen's Teas


We were strolling the neighbourhood this week searching for refreshing summer beverages when we found the most unlikely place to cool off- a tea shop! A St.Paul St fixture since 2012, Gwen's Teas is the most beautiful shop, carrying 200 different kinds of loose leaf tea, all blended in Canada. When we saw the sign advertising Iced Tea as well as Hot Tea, we were so excited to try one of the many blends over ice. Owner Pam Cicci, who named the shop after her Nana Gwen, brews loose leaf tea in a bag and the pours the hot tea over ice. The tea can be sweetened to your liking with honey or agave (a great option for vegans) and is now our go to summer drink!

Check out Pam in action creating our Iced Teas here.



Pam loves owning a business in Downtown St. Catharines and is happy to have created a place where people can make memories similar to the ones she has of Tea with her Nana Gwen. Pam learned from Gwen that good conversation and great memories happen easily over a cup of tea, and for that reason, the kettle is always on! Whether you like it hot or cold, caffeinated or herbal, there is a tea and a memory waiting for you so stop in and say hello!


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