Closet Organizing 101

Closet Organizing 101

We love using Pinterest to find cool design inspiration, recipes, and tips for making our everyday lives easier. How did people live before there was access to these genius ideas created by others? Pinterest is a great place for us to save things we love but is also a great way for us to catalogue and archive our lines each season. If you ever want to take a look at something from the past, you can always head to our Pinterest page to go back in time and to also take a look at some of the other things we are Pinning.

This week we are focusing on our Spring Cleaning and getting a handle on our overflowing closets.  We want to share a few great tips we have discovered as well as a few products we carry in the shop to help you get your closets in order as we start to get ready to switch out our seasonal wardrobes.

Step one in closet organization 101 is clearing everything out of your closet to start with a clean slate. Now you can implement any new systems and tips you have discovered and also take this opportunity to de-clutter.

BlogImages_declutteringTop Left: This tip for determining which clothes you wear and which ones sit dormant is a great way to finally get rid of those pieces you've been hanging onto for years.

Top Right: Use this handy flow chart to help determine what to keep and what to toss

Bottom Left: Buy S hooks from the dollar store to hang your jeans by the belt loops. Hanging pants in a single layer rather than doubled up on a hanger will save you more room than you could ever imagine.

Bottom Right: Put those pop can tabs to good use by slipping them over the top of a hanger to connect a second hanger to it. Layered hanging will also save you lots of space and make room for your must haves.

Now that you have cleaned out what you don't need and have put some organizing systems in place, the next step is to tackle the small, hard to store things like accessories.

BlogImages_AccessoriesTop Left: This post is full of handy tips for storing your jewelry, but we like this one pictured above for when you are tight on space. Grab a wooden hanger and some hooks and you have a tangle-free solution to hanging your bling.

Top Right: You know how much we love our scarves but if you don't have a whole wall to hang them like we do, this Scarf Hanger that we sell in the boutique is the perfect way to both display and neatly store your own scarf obsession.

Bottom Left: Another simple dollar store supply solution! Grab a bag of shower curtain rings and slip them around the base of a hanger to store your tank tops, camisoles and bras in one handy spot. This frees up your drawer space and keeps them streamlined and within view, making it easy to remember what you have.

Bottom Right: This solution is great for all those bangles and bracelets. Grab a layered pants hanger and add all your arm candy to each hanging bar. This looks gorgeous and keeps everything in order. Bonus points if you organize them by colour!

Last but not least, the greatest challenge of all, shoe storage. We get so tired of tripping over our shoes and boots that take over a closet (and hallway, room, house...) that we needed to come up with a way to corral them all in a way that is neat and also contained.

BlogImages_Boots shoes

Top Left: One of our most helpful outside products that we've brought into the shop, the Booty Shaper is sold exclusively in the boutique and is the answer to all your boot storage prayers. These inflatable inserts fit in any size boot without stretching leather or allowing the boot shaft to fall over. These allow your boots to stand at attention in your closet and will ensure you are never tripping over collapsed mismatched boots again.

Top Right: If you haven't made it into the shop yet for your Booty Shapers, this trick will do in a pinch! Use cut up pool noodles to keep your boots upright and tidy.

Bottom Left: If you have a closet full of high heels, this trick will get them up off the floor while also creating a nice display. All you need is some crown molding angled against a piece of standard baseboard molding and your heels are hanging high and proud.

Bottom Right: This solution requires a little more DIY or a handy helper, but it might make all your shoe storage dreams come true! A swiveling lazy Susan for your shoes makes selecting the right pair each day a snap. Contained in one (gorgeous) space, your shoes will have a home off of the floor in their own individual cubbies, because, your shoes are worth it!

We hope this helps you get started on your own closet organization and improvements. Do you have any great storage tips that you'd like to share? We love a great hack and would gladly add it to our Pinterest board!


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