Caring for your Lousje & Bean designs.

Caring for your Lousje & Bean designs.

We are moms, we are entrepreneurs, we are creatives. Like you, we don’t have time or money to waste running our wardrobes to the dry cleaners. Life is busy, you know it and we know it, but did you know that ALL Lousje & Bean’s designs are machine washable.


All of our fabrics are chosen with washability and sustainability in mind, we produce quality pieces that should be a long lasting contribution to your wardrobe. We strive to ensure our products stand up to the wear and tear of day to day life but also aren’t a hassle to care for. In our opinion, fashion should be fun and accessible to everyone.


How many times have you had a vision for your outfit in your mind only to discover that specific piece hadn’t made it to the dry cleaners since the last time you wore it? Or even worse, who hasn’t accidentally ruined a piece of clothing because they didn’t know it was a dreaded ‘dry clean only.’  


The last thing we want is for our customer to be stressed about cleaning their clothing. When you invest in your wardrobe, you should be able to wear it! No muss, no fuss.


That being said here are some of our DO’s and DO NOT’s for keeping your wardrobe fabulous forever. (Or at least for a long time)


  • DO machine wash in cold water and inside out 
  • DO hang or lay flat to dry
  • DO NOTuse hot water or dryer heat. Both can weaken the elasticity of knits and fade the colours of linen/cotton faster.
  • DO NOT iron unless linen or heavy cotton.
  • DO test iron on the inside hem of clothing to ensure it will not damage or put a hole in the fabric
  • DO tumble dry cotton or linen items on delicate for five minutes and then hang to dry if you wish to avoid excessive ironing.
  • DO NOT dry clean unless absolutely necessary. Chemical treatment from dry cleaning can be harsh on your precious designs.






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