Caring for your Clothes

Caring for your Clothes

Much like electronics, vehicles, and collectibles, your clothes are an investment, and, similar to other investments, you usually get what you pay for. The things you treasure and spend money on usually require regular maintenance and care to maintain their value, and your clothes are no different. Exposing your clothes to everyday wear and tear makes them vulnerable to staining, deterioration, and scent absorption. The key to keeping them looking brand new is all in how you care for these precious pieces. We asked Louse and Bean to give us their top tips for fabric care to make sure these timeless classics last a lifetime of wear. Here is some of their best advice:
  • Wash garments inside out to limit abrasion on the exposed, outer side
  • Add 1/4 cup vinegar to coloured cotton and linen fabrics when washing to help set the colour and avoid fading.
  • Wash clothes on the gentle cycle with natural detergents as it is easier on the fabric
  • Lay your garments flat to dry as the heat from your dryer can wear down and destroy the fibres in your clothes
  • Use cold water cycles as it is much easier on your fabrics.
  • The best defence for stains is immediate action. Get the soiled area very wet and gently rub detergent into stain. Let it sit 24 hrs before washing.

The bottom line: most of us are easy on our clothing, outgrowing the days of playing in the mud, so when you wash your clothes it is usually just to freshen up. The gentle cycle and cold water should be sufficient, while prolonging the life of the clothing.

Washing bags are great for delicate items as you simply put the delicates in the bag and wash as you normally would. We include a free washing bag with each Sheer Scoop Top purchase to ensure you get the most life out of this delicate, but beautiful piece.
For more great tips on caring for your precious investments, follow our Fabric Care board on Pinterest or if you are really stumped, feel free to ask us! We could talk about clothes and how to protect them all day, so don't hesitate to let us know if you are feeling unsure about how to get the most amount of life from your pieces.


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