Back to you- Our greatest Health Finds

Back to you- Our greatest Health Finds

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It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of September! Every summer seems to fly by faster than the last and during this whirlwind season it is easy to get off track. With festivals, pool parties, and warm days, cool treats always seem to be readily available and indulging becomes a daily activity. Now that the kids are headed back to school and we are headed into cooler months and a return to routine we are ready to get our health back on track.

We find that we could use a little help with this and a push in the right direction so we naturally turn to our friendly downtown neighbours and some of our other favourite tools for assistance. Here is a list of our favourite places and finds to embrace a healthier lifestyle:

Small Batch Co: Niagara's first and only raw, organic cold pressed juice company, these handmade juices are delicious and if you are looking for a serious health overhaul, they offer a wide variety of juice cleanses to start fresh.

Make it Happen: A workout studio on St. Paul Street that specializes in kettlebell and bootcamp training, this facility is not intimidating and has a great approach to fitness. If you are looking for more customized programs, they also offer one on one personal training and sport specific coaching to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.
Freshii: We are awaiting the opening of Freshii on St Paul and are very excited about a new lunch place, as well as access to their meal boxes that you can have delivered right to your house. The meal service eliminates the hassle of grocery shopping and cooking as well as the clean up afterwards! Every box includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks and you can choose from a 1, 3, 5 or 30 day program suited to your health goals.
One of our other favourite tools to use to manage our goals and progress is the MyFitnessPal app. An all in one organizational tool, you can log your calories, workouts and look up the nutritional information for just about any food you can think of. We love the ability to scan a package to immediately add it to your list and also to calculate the calories in an entire recipe. Keeping track of what we eat and how many calories we burn is a great way to stay accountable as we find that we always underestimate how much we eat if we aren't logging it on a daily basis.
We have been working on not only cleaner eating but also on getting in some sweat sessions. From walking to workout classes, we are trying to get back into shape and increase our energy. One of our favourite discoveries for our workouts has been the C'est Moi Bamboo Tank! Traditionally we had always used it as a layering piece but when we test drove it for a workout we found it was amazing! Breathable and comfortable with the perfect amount of stretch, the tank is flattering but also so practical and perfect for getting your sweat on!
Here's to your health and getting back on track! :)


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