A Letter To My Daughter after 10 Years

A Letter To My Daughter after 10 Years

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary of Lousje & Bean this month and are still pinching ourselves that we've been able to turn our passion into a business and that all of you have been supporting us for so long! We have a great recap post on deck for tomorrow (so stay tuned!) but today, Lousje wanted to mark this monumental occasion with a letter to her business partner, her daughter, Tessa Bean.

She Believed she could, So she did.

A letter to my daughter.

Dear Bean,

Here we are, it's been 10 years since you registered Lousje and Bean, and
we started on this incredible journey. You, still waitressing in the
evenings and on weekends, me, still working at Marynissen Estates, pouring
wine and doing tours.
In our time off, we worked like crazy, making patterns and creating our
first collection.  We set up our studio, at your newly purchased farm
house in Grimsby.  It was under construction and our cutting table was a
board on top of a few rolls of insulation.
Dear and supporting friends held home shows for us, inviting friends and
In May of 2006, we held our first major fashion show at Addison Hall in
Niagara on the Lake.
It was a real happening - 150 people attended.  We were blown away.  We
needed seamstresses to help us out and slowly but surely, you and I were
working full time at the thing we love most.
Lousje and Bean was on its way. Well, we've had exhilarating highs and
incredible lows  (we did quit on each other a few times :) ) Having a
baby was a real challenge for you, basically no maternity leave, breast
pumping in the fitting rooms at shows. Me having 2 hips replaced and
hobbling back and fourth between sewing machines and shows.
So now it's January 2016, and Lousje and Bean rolls like a well oiled
Your husband Steve has played a big role in the past 10 years, without his
constant help and support, it would have been much more difficult to
achieve what we have.
I consider myself a very fortunate woman to be working and building at
"Lousje and Bean" with you, my daughter. Incredibly proud of you, your
drive, perseverance and yes, stubbornness, has brought us to this day.
Yes, the "saying "She believed she could~ so she did", was truly written for you.

Your Mom


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