4 Elements of Sustainability

4 Elements of Sustainability

Why sustainability?

Sustainable development is all about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It’s about producing efficiently and responsibly, so that today’s products support, rather than harm, future innovation.

Lousje and Bean is extremely proud to be a sustainable business! We have a four part philosophy when it comes to sustainability, and we’d love to share that with you.


1. People first

We believe that people always come before profit or product. That means paying people living wages, supporting healthy work conditions, and giving back to the community. We pay all our workers, from sewers and cutters to part time sales staff, above minimum wage, and ensure that all our workplaces are healthy and safe for our team members to be. We donate regularly to charities and local institutions, with a focus on women’s shelters and the arts.


2. Eco-friendly materials

Material management is another way we strive to be sustainable. By paying attention to fabric, minimizing our waste, and helping customers buy the right products for them, we reduce our impact on the planet. Did you know that eco-friendly fabric is surprisingly hard to find? As soon as non-natural dyes or colourants are added, the product is no longer “eco-friendly”. We try to get our products as eco-friendly as possible using materials like linen, cotton, hemp, bamboo, Tencel, silk, and recycled materials.

We make scarves and rope necklaces out of leftover scraps of materials to reduce waste in landfills, or we use those scraps to make cute bows and ribbons. If we have large bolts of unused fabric, we donate it to local high schools to encourage students in sewing classes.


3. Shop Local

As a small business, we love to practice what we preach by attending our local farmer’s market, which happens three times a week! We love to get our groceries there, especially things like flowers, meat, and eggs. We live in a vibrant community with many local businesses that support each other, and we’re big fans of our neighbours. Need a recommendation? You can bet we won’t be suggesting you head to Walmart!


4. Less is more

Overall, we encourage customers to practice a “less is more” lifestyle, and we strive to operate our business in the same way! A few good quality pieces that are produced responsibly and locally are better than a rotating wardrobe of fast fashion that will end up in a landfill. We suggest opting for quality designs made with high quality materials that will span the years and withstand hundreds of laundry cycles without falling apart.


In clothes, as with business, high quality practices just can’t be beaten. We hope we've inspired you to incorporate sustainability in your own life! 



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