1. Darcie Rougoor Darcie Rougoor

    Hi Susan, the reason you could not purchase was because some one else ordered online, and we are not able to get more we got what they had left and there was only one in aubergine. Sorry, and we have ordered the tank in chili, for you expect it any day, will let you know when it comes in, and have the melon put aside for you. We have the poncho in purple, lilac, navy, turq, fuchsia, natural,black, blk/nat,blk/nat stripe, and the cape in blk/nat, and blk/grey, all gorgeous.

  2. rodica stefaniu rodica stefaniu

    Do you have a boutique or retailers for your jeans here in Toronto?
    Do you plan any trunk shows in Toronto any time soon ?
    Those jeans look really good!

  3. Jan pretty Jan pretty

    Absolutely love my Oslo dress and also the denim dress my previous order. Met you both at the one on a kind show! Thank you!

  4. Heather Aris Heather Aris

    I absolutely loved meeting you girls and the show and working across from you. I’m so impressed by your talented and think the world of you both. I will come and visit you soon and look forward to lots more laughs. Until next time ladies..cheers!

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